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Editor's Note for June

Busy Is An Addiction!

At a recent interview for an article, I was quoted the words “busy is an addiction”. I thought about this for a while, and yes I will concur, it so true! Running around and feeling good - yes fully addicted, lol! I do think although, that this condition could well be at ‘epidemic proportions’ with the amount of people running around doing things in the area. There are an amazing amount of groups and activities happening around the place with so many volunteers giving it their all - beanies off to them!
Especially impressive are the ‘young at heart’ people in our society who join groups to be a part of something both meaningful and joyful - so very important as one gets older to remain active and engaged - it is so very important for us all to be engaged with life, because as a friend of mine says, “the alternative ain’t so good!”.
But there is also the other side to being addicted to ‘running around too much’ and that is “one should take time to stop to smell the roses” because as they say “it’s not always the destination but the journey that counts”.
So dare I say “slow down, look up from the things that we’ve become too busy with, and pay attention to our surroundings” - and especially to the little things in the beauty of life - could be loads of mindfulness benefits in doing so. Well I hope so but I will be happy to model the cat for a while and sleep the condition off!

Best Wishes Kerri
Your Editor In Chief!



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