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Editor's Note

Incredible Support In Ongoing Aftermath!

The very recent Christmas Night 2023 ‘Tornado’ touched the lives of all it passed over and many it didn’t - setting forth an incredible great movement of community in its aftermath!
The ‘Christmas Cyclone’ was certainly a night to be remembered - and we have heard some harrowing stories - especially of those out on the road during its onslaught. Stories of people who almost didn’t make it home! Two in particular have stood out: one told to us of their friend’s son who driving on the mountain road at the time had a tree fall in front of his car and then trying to reverse had another fall behind him trapping his vehicle for a couple of hours in the storm; and the second of a daughter also driving on the night who called her mother for help after a tree fell onto her vehicle and then the line went dead! So very luckily she was pulled to safety from the wrecked car by people who had seen what happened and was able to call back her very relieved Mum!
But it is also a night to be remembered in the sense that community from far and wide in the region has rallied to lend assistance in so many different ways - be it working as part of the Chainsaw Warriors or other teams of relief or cooking for them or donating food and supplies for all affected to name a few - so many ways! We feel honoured to be a part of such a wonderful community where due to the tireless efforts and generous donations by ordinary people that not only structures but spirit can be rebuilt! Wishing everyone a very lovely Valentines - a time for hugging and keeping close your special loved ones!
Best Wishes Kerri
Your Editor In Chief!


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