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Editor's Note for May

Tamborine - A Town Of Significance!

When I commenced the Tamborine Bulletin some five and a half years ago, it was to completely focus on local community and highlight our people, businesses, and groups. It was only once I started asking questions of people’s lives in town that I discovered activities and achievements I never knew existed in our region - even though I have lived here for almost 30 years!
The paper has certainly kept me busy over the years, and now I have a completely community focused job - taking a direction which also helps to complement and enhance the magazine. Barbara’s retirement from the Tamborine Times presented new options for the paper’s journey but ultimately I felt I would wholly and solely concentrate on our local publication for our area. This is because I feel our small town does not receive enough of the attention it deserves. Everyone knows when we mention where we live, ‘outsiders’ will say “oh it’s lovely up there” - a comment designed to drive us to distraction! So in this respect, I feel that the paper has given us some sort of recognition in the Scenic Rim as a significant place - not fully as it was back when the railway ran through our town or when Tamborine headed up the whole region as the Tambourine District Shire Council - but as a significant town in it’s own right for our region.
And now for a lighter moment: I must confess that when a certain family member unceremoniously slipped in the hallway the other day on a present left by the naughty cat … well, I did let out a guilty laugh or two, lol!

Best Wishes Kerri
Your Editor In Chief!



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