Torn, Twisted & Hurled!

Tamborine Pony Club Sustains Storm Damage

Three of the four roller doors on the shed were ‘crushed in’ by the tornado

Like most in the Tamborine Village area, the buildings and trees at the Tamborine Pony Club grounds were badly damaged by the Christmas night tornado. The grounds and jumps were also further affected by the following floods. Tamborine Pony Club Secretary Melinda Hughes reports the following:
“There was substantial damage done to both sheds. Three of the four roller doors on the first shed were affected, and there is now concern re the structural integrity of the shed. On the back shed, one of the doors was flung open and twisted around the actual building. Guttering and walls were also impacted.
Two of the three privacy screens on the toilet block were turned into match sticks. There were a lot of limbs torn from trees, littering the grounds, as well as items like 20L drums, showjumping rails, traffic dividers etc hurled around by the wind. It was upsetting to see five trees torn from the ground as these had been looked after for many years.
The Club has had a couple of working bees: firstly to secure the sheds and then to put the trees and timber debris into a pile which, hopefully, will be mulched.
Many thanks to those members who have assisted. Most of the damage is covered by the Council’s insurance, for which we are very grateful, and for the efforts of the SRRC’s staff.”

Five ‘much cared for’ trees were torn from the Pony Club grounds
A jump floated away and water was over fence in the flooding rains