Scary Creatures In The Dark!

Cadets Create Haunted House @ Tamborine Memorial Hall …

After many evenings of discipline and skill training, this is the one night of the year where it is completely fun with a Halloween Party for the entire community! WO2 Clacher and her band of witches, werewolves, and vampires spent hours creating a fabulous spooky ‘Haunted House’ at the Tamborine Memorial Hall.

Division 2 Cr Jeff McConnell ‘victim’ of the ‘Haunted Hall’
‘Scary Family’ at Scenic Rim Regional Cadets’ Halloween Party held at Tamborine Memorial Hall – the ‘Haunted Hall’!

Local kids dressed in scary costumes visited the epic structure, lining up for the ‘fright of their life’ in the smoky mist as Halloween figures ‘leapt out of the dark’ at them. Rewarded with a lollipop at the end, for managing to make it through the ‘macabre maze of frightfulness’, they lined up to do it again! ‘Freaky food’ and ‘ghoulish snags’ were also served by ‘creepy cadet cooks’!

Cadet’s President Patricia Meade commented, “This event was once again a huge success in bringing some spooky fun to the community. Thanks to the community and to our amazing staff, parents, and cadets for helping to put this event together!”. Thank you cadets for a very scary evening!