Outstanding Specimens @ Beaudesert Society Orchid & Foliage Show!

Judging Beaudesert Society Orchid & Foliage Show Quite A Task

Our Show kicked off Friday at lunch time when members arrived to start setting up the hall, there were a few members from other Societies pitching in to help with setup which was really great as we have a few members that have been a bit worse for wear healthwise. By about 3.30pm, plants were being installed on show benches and added in great volume to the sales areas. By 4.30pm we were well under way with all the various plant classes sorted. Plants were still arriving right up until 7.30pm prior to judging.

Garth Dale, (President of Beaudesert District Orchid & Foliage Society Inc) with Cr Virginia West (Division 3) presenting the Champion Of The Show Award to Jennifer Robinson for her declared species Orchid ‘Rhynchostylis retusa’
‘Champion Orchid Species Exotic’ & ‘Grand Champion Orchid Of Show’

Although our orchid and foliage plants for judging were slightly down in number but made up for it in quality with some very outstanding specimens making the judges’ task all the more harder! Both Saturday and Sunday mornings were busy but as each day wore on visitor numbers slowed but overall we had over 681 coming through the door!

All in it was a great effort by all our Members, and we will be doing it again on the 9th and 10th of September 2023!

For more info, please contact Lyn Dale (Secretary) 0402 105 890 or go to: www.bdofs.com or Facebook / Beaudesert Districts Orchid and Foliage Society

More Photos to come!