Scenic Rim By-Election Announced

Scenic Rim By-Election Announced

Scenic Rim by-election announced for 15 April 2023

Scenic Rim By-Election Announced

A by-election to elect a councillor for Division 1 of the Scenic Rim Regional Council will be held on Saturday 15 April 2023 for the Division’s 5,575 enrolled electors.

Electoral Commissioner Pat Vidgen said nominations for the councillor position were now open and he encouraged anyone wanting to represent their community to nominate before 12 noon on Monday 27 March 2023.

“There are several important steps which must be undertaken when nominating, so I urge anyone interested to do this as soon as possible,” Mr Vidgen said.

Potential candidates must make sure they are eligible to nominate, pay a deposit of $250, open a dedicated campaign bank account and complete the free mandatory online training through the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning website.

Mr Vidgen said nominations could come from anyone living in the Scenic Rim council area however candidates had to be endorsed by at least six eligible nominators currently enrolled in Division 1 of the Scenic Rim Regional Council. All the information is on the Election Participants page of ECQ’s website.

“This by-election will run over the Easter holiday period, so the ECQ has allowed for ample access to early voting from 3 April to 14 April excluding public holidays on 7 and 10 April,” Mr Vidgen said.

If you have changed your address or are enrolling for the first time you must do this by 5pm on Thursday 23 March 2023 to vote in this by-election. To enrol to vote, check your enrolment or update your details, go to the Australian Electoral Commission’s website.

This by-election was called following the resignation of Councillor Derek Swanborough on 21 February 2023.

Keep up to date with the Scenic Rim Regional Council by-election on ECQ’s website or by phoning 1300 881 665.