45 Million Reported Bullying Cases Each Year

BOQ Beenleigh Supports BSHS Amayda Program …

Brian Managbanag (Owner Manager of BOQ Beenleigh) with Jeff Horn Ambassador of the Amayda Bullying & Resilience program

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the Ambassador of the Amayda Bullying & Resilience program, Jeff Horn, at Beaudesert State High School. It was great to hear his view on bullying as he shared his own experiences with bullying in High School!
Did you know that between 4 million students across Australia, there are 45 million reported cases of bullying each year! That doesn’t include the ones that aren’t recorded. Most of the victims need years of treatment and therapy to get over the psychological trauma caused by the bully. In extreme cases, school bullying can even cause suicidal thoughts in the victim.

The AMAYDA Bullying Prevention Program aims to empower students and to educate them on how to effectively manage and deal with these situations by focusing on teaching all children Self-Discipline, Respect and Integrity, and those children experiencing bullying Confidence, Resilience and Courage – with amazing results! Jeff is one of the nicest and most humble persons I’ve ever met – an absolute top bloke and definitely the right man for the right job!

Well done Beaudesert State High School, for being one of the 40 schools to receive the grant. It’s an excellent initiative and we hope to see this rolled out across all schools in Queensland and Australia. See more at www.amayda.com.au

By Brian Managbanag (Owner Manager of BOQ Beenleigh)