Angus & His ‘Paw-Fect Love’

Chief Happiness Officer Angus

‘Chief Happiness Officer’ Angus Handed Out Roses …

Chief Happiness Officer Angus
‘Chief Happiness Officer’ Angus Hands Out Roses

Angus, the black Labrador who is Whiddon Beaudesert’s ‘Chief Happiness Officer’, was busy spreading the love to all the residents on Valentine’s Day.
Sporting a red ribbon, handing out roses, and getting treats in return, Angus puts a smile on everyone’s dial.

‘Chief Happiness Officer’ Anguses

Irwin Kunde who has been at Whiddon for 7 months shares a very special relationship with Angus.
“I had a black Labrador on my farm in Kerry named IJ and I miss him. So, it is very special when Angus comes and sits next to me when I am outside,” said Irwin.
The ladies all love it when Angus comes and visits them, it provides them valuable comfort and enhances their emotional well-being.

‘Chief Happiness Officer’ Anguses

Whiddon’s animal therapy program called Creature Comforts is co-designed by residents and families to improve overall wellbeing, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase social connection by creating opportunities for residents to bond.
This program is just one of many which Whiddon Beaudesert offers to enrich lives and keep older people connected to what matters most to them in life.

By Rachel Thomas (Whiddon Beaudesert)