“All You Need Is Love!”

A Couple’s 69 Years Of Deep Love Unbroken …

Don and Joan Champney

Don and Joan Champney who are 92 and 88 respectively, hail originally from Cedar Vale will be celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary this year. This Valentine’s Day, Whiddon Beaudesert are helping them celebrate being together for 69 years. With a high tea, romantic love songs and Valentine’s Day games.

“All You Need Is Love!”

Don and Joan Champney had a dairy farm where they worked hard together. Have three children and seven grandchildren and have experienced floods, droughts, broken legs, and heart attacks!
Don and Joan’s top tips for lasting 69 years together – ‘working together’ and ‘communicate’.
“We have had our good times and bad times, but of course I love him! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be together today,” said Joan. Don said they have had a terrific time together working on the farm, raising their children, travelling Australia in their caravan, and also venturing overseas.
Whiddon puts relationships at the heart of great care. This means Don and Joan enjoy a full life together sharing a room and getting a dining table to enjoy their meals together. Ensuring their deep bond of love remains unbroken.

Enjoying a high tea, romantic love songs and Valentine’s Day games.

This is just one of many services which Whiddon Beaudesert offers to enrich lives and keep older people connected to what matters most to them in life.

Don and Joan Champney celebrating their unbroken love of 69 years