Makes Cents Not To Bin It

Join The Garage Sale Trail & Cash In …

Residents can choose their own planet-saving adventure when the Garage Sale Trail, Australia’s festival of pre-loved stuff, returns to the Scenic Rim this Spring.

Garage Sale Trail 2022 will take place over two big weekends from 12 – 13 and 19 – 20 November 2022. Powered locally by Council, the festival encourages residents to sell, shop and learn about the circular economy.

Mayor Greg Christensen said the event was a fun way for residents to connect, make some money and keep good stuff out of landfill.

“Keeping stuff in use for as long as we can by buying or selling it at a garage sale makes sense for the planet and makes cents for participants.”

“It’s the circular economy in action and it’s something all Scenic Rim residents can get behind.”

Between 29 October and 5 November, the Scenic Rim community can be part of the Trail Tutorials, a series of inspiring and educational talks all about sustainable fashion and renovations. Featuring Barry Du Bois, Annabel Crabb, and Craig Reucassel — alongside experts in fashion, home renovations and the circular economy—the sessions are hosted online and free to attend. 

Then, over two weekends of garage sales hosted simultaneously around the nation, declutter and sell pre-loved goods or shop the trail and snag a guilt-free bargain locally in the middle of November.

“It’s garage sales made easy with supplied tips, resources, advertising and even touch-free PayPal QR code payments, plus you’ll extend the life of stuff you love, meet the neighbours and make some money”.

“We hope to see many garage sales popping up locally in our communities, joining others around the nation,” said Mayor Christensen.  Register your sale and find out more at or