‘Go Wild’ For Habitat

Discover The Landcare Centre On Hartley Road

Tamborine Mountain – a biodiversity hotspot – and we at Tamborine Mountain Landcare encourage our local residents to plant native species in their backyards. Our LANDCARE CENTRE on Hartley Road has only local native species planted. Just a small area in backyards could be left a little ‘wild’ for habitat. Many trees, shrubs are showcased in this public space. After just a few years, a grassy and weedy paddock has been turned into a haven for birds and insects, frogs in a large waterhole. Trellis with vines planted for the endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. Dense, prickly shrubs provide cover for the many small birds that now call this place home. 

A quiet, beautiful spot to enjoy nature and it can all be done in our own backyards … visitors are welcome – always open!

By Judith Roland (President – Tamborine Mountain Landcare)