Retreat Day At San Damiano

A Day Filled With Such Joy And Fun!

This term the school community experienced our first Retreat Day. Year 7 students took the time out to check-in, connect, collaborate, and refocus. Students reflected upon their feelings and the need to continue to work as a community that promotes a feeling of belonging. They explored the importance of connection and inclusivity. The day was filled with such joy and fun, which meant the serious nature of the discussions was not overwhelming.

Students were called upon to sing and dance, and they did so in an environment of acceptance and encouragement. Our Retreat focused on community and coming together as one big group. Symbols were used and discussed by both students and teachers about how these were important to us and how they related to our lives. The students had the opportunity to
sing and dance and move away from their friendship groups and include every member of the school.

With RU OK Day coinciding with the Student Retreat Day, it was the perfect way to lead into the retreat activities and share the RU OK message, including through a morning of Eats and Beats with karaoke. We have some great talents within the college. On Friday, 17th September San Damiano College celebrated St. Francis Day, which falls during the school holidays.

We celebrated in several ways:
• School Liturgy
• Social Justice Activities
• School BBQ
• Assisi’s Got Talent Show

Term 3 brought another special experience for our students as San Damiano College partnered with Engineers Australia as part of the Spaghetti Bridge Competition 2021 held during the Science Week period.

St Clare’s Primary School’s Year 5 and Year 6 students joined us in a study about forces involved in bridges. As expected, it was an exciting day to watch the bridges break to destruction to identify their peak loads.

We wish everyone a restful and happy holiday. Get ready for the super-fast term 4 which will be here and gone before we know it!

Please contact our office on 07 5670 7000 to book a time for a tour of the school.