Girls ‘On A Bowl’ …

Inside Sport With Big Dave

Just Keep Swinging The Bat!

In this month’s article, I wanted to put the spotlight on what I believe is Australia’s most unassuming yet successful sporting team. So successful in fact, they have broken many long standing records along the way. So what team is it?

The Australian Ladies Cricket Team!
In April this year, the team made history by defeating New Zealand in Mount Maunganui to record their 22nd consecutive win in the ODI format.

A feat I believe even more remarkable considering we live in a world of constant video analysis of every player’s strength and weaknesses. Many opposition sides along the way had the foot on the throat of the Aussie girls yet no-one could put the final nail in the coffin. This team, with emphasis on the word ‘team’, continues to find ways to win from, at times, impossible situations.

The courage, belief and attitude of the ladies is something we can all learn a valuable life and sports lesson from: even when our fate seems sealed, we must continue to hang in, sticking to our life’s structures, and like the girls, keep swinging the bat!

Sooner, much rather than later, the tide will turn in our favour, and we will be prepared for the pounce.

The achievement was reached over about three years, and four of the girls played in all twenty-two wins. Namely: Alyssa Healy, Beth Mooney, Ashleigh Gardener, and Rachael Haynes. The win over the Kiwis took them past Ricky Ponting’s 2003 Men’s Team record of twenty-one! An amazing record-break!

Until next month, stay cool, even if it’s a ‘sticky wicket’!
Big Dave (Tamborine Mountain Foodworks)