Local News

Burning Tractor
We got a call – “Tractor on fire!” We went to investigate and found a tractor up the road in a field in Tamborine indeed quite alight. Most it burned through quickly, leaving a fair patch of burnt ground beneath it. We were unsure what had caused the fire and the Rural Fire Brigade was not called at the time. There was no apparent endangerment of any other property in the field.

Accident on Tamborine Mountain Road
A Tamborine Mountain woman was lucky to escape without a scratch as her car aquaplaned across oncoming traffic, during wet conditions, and flipped twice down an embankment on Tamborine Mountain Road on Friday morning 19 February.
The woman said it was raining slightly but had no idea why her car became out of control. She said that speed wasn’t a factor.
The car was damaged beyond repair but the woman said she escaped without a scratch as the passenger side of the car came to rest against a gum tree over the embankment.
A witness to the accident, a young woman, climbed down the embankment and tapped on the car window to see that she was alright, before helping her out of the damaged vehicle.
Rescue crews were amazed that she had survived the accident.
The woman considered that oil on the road could have contributed as she had heard of this happening to other drivers on that stretch of road.
She wants this incident to be a warning to others when driving on wet roads down the mountain. By Julie Wilkinson