Mastering The Feelings!

Inside Sport With Big Dave

People Are At Their Best When They Feel Good

I finally landed a prediction in 2020, Queensland winning the State Of Origin series, but ask me what my reasoning was before game one and all I could have come up with after scratching my head a few times, would have been well maybe just maybe we could be one all heading into the decider, and we rarely get these at Suncorp (formerly known as Lang Park).
Surely returning coach, Wayne Bennett, hasn’t in the space of a few short days magically invented 17 Billy Slater – Cameron Smith clones good enough to beat what appears on paper a star-studded white hot blues outfit seemingly purring like a Ferrari and with the speed of a Jaguar – or had he?
Well, history will show that Wayne did have some magic in that old kit bag of his and I will suspect it ran much deeper than each individual role within the team. I watched on and couldn’t help casting my mind back to an old school teacher of mine who I quote regularly, “Boys, people are capable of absolutely anything, good, bad and anything in between. But to see people at their very best, you must make them feel good.” My gut feeling about Mr Bennett is that for decades he has sung from this exact hymn book. Forever the master of encouraging performance through feelings, knowing that a winning cocktail is a maroon jersey filled with players who feel ten foot and bullet proof, special and unique.
I think there is a message in this for all of us as we head into the Christmas season – let’s lift each other up, encourage each other, and see people thrive.

Until next month, you’re awesome, Big Dave.
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