Myths & Facts On Embalming

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Important Facts About Embalming In Australia

The main purpose of embalming is to make the deceased look more pleasing in an open casket situation.
With modern refrigeration there is no longer any need to embalm a deceased person to preserve it short term, except in specific circumstances, ie. if a deceased person has to be transferred interstate or overseas. This requires full preservation embalming.

There are some important facts about embalming that the public should be aware of before agreeing to the procedure:

  • It is not necessary for a viewing of the deceased
  • Embalming is an invasive process
  • It is bad for the environment

Many funeral directors arrange open caskets without embalming having taken place, deceased persons that are not embalmed are viewed in Australia on a regular basis. It is totally acceptable to request that your family member or friend not be embalmed. It is also important to know that when a funeral director arranges an open casket where the deceased has not been embalmed that the deceased is still prepared to a high standard.
You are within your rights to decline having your loved one embalmed unless it is for the express purpose of preservation. You will be saving the environment as well as saving financially.

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