Manners Please!!

Shari & Seren

We Are All Creatures Of Habit … Human, Dog, Horse …

Shari & Seren
Shari & Seren

There is a saying “Manners maketh a man”… this an old saying. It is so true, good manners can take a person a long way in life.
Unfortunately, manners and etiquette are somewhat diminishing in today’s society and the effects are pretty negative on the whole.
It’s a shame it’s not a permanent syllabus in all schools curricula and further educational training modules ….
Alas, we may not be able to teach some fellow humans manners but we CAN teach our children and pets!

Some horses and dogs can have terrible manners, and this can make caring for them and their presence amongst guests difficult and often dangerous.
There is nothing worse than a dog launching and jumping up on a person, especially if they are big and strong with sharp claws. Or a horse wanting to rub on you when you are wearing your clean show clothes.
When a dog is a little puppy, we say “come on then” and pat our thighs and the puppy stands up to be cuddled and loved. Yes, it’s a long way to stoop or cuckoo down sometimes, but this is a bad habit that stays in the dogs head. It’s a habit that has been rewarded with love. It’s perfectly ok. … until dog gets bigger. Then we start shouting “down” “no”…
Well, the dog is probably confused … thinking “I don’t understand, I used to be loved and patted when I jumped on my owner and now my owner is really angry with me!”.
You’re in the paddock and schmoozing with your pony saying “awww”, but when dressed in your show clothes and your pony starts rubbing its head on you … it’s a different reaction isn’t it?
These are behaviours we can change, we just need to try and think like a dog. I do it all the time, lol!

We have to think ahead and remember that ‘youth = impressionable’!
We can train and retrain for good manners. It doesn’t need to be daunting. Just a few moments throughout parts of the day, every day and it is steadily being ingrained. Consistency is the key to every success.
Make your dog sit before opening a door and say wait before they rush out almost toppling you over or taking the door off its runners. Make their ‘treats’ not treats, but rewards. Use your voice as a reward too. “Good boy!” Or if it’s something naughty “a firm NO or LEAVE IT!” .
These are just a couple of issues and remedies
as food for thought.

There are many ‘trainers’ and many have different styles and techniques. However unless you practice and continue any training advice, it just prolongs the bad behaviour.

Happy training and THANK YOU for reading.
I wish you all well.

Shari Hughes
Tamborine Pet Farmstay