Celebrating 10 Years Of Service

TV Lions 10th Anniversary
Tamborine Village Lions Club Charter Members
Some Of The Charter Members (and other members) of The Tamborine Village Lions Club Celebrating The Club’s 10th Anniversary

The Tamborine Village Lions 10th Anniversary

The Tamborine Village Lions Club celebrates 10 years of service to the community.
The 10th Anniversary Dinner was held on the 21 August 2020 at the Albert River Winery in Tamborine.

President Lion Paul Krahnen
President Lion Paul Krahnen of the Tamborine Village Lions Club

Congratulations to our Lion Members past and present and to those members who have passed away … they are missed and never forgotten.

The 10th Anniversary Cake
The 10th Anniversary Cake

Presently we have nine charter members who are still serving the community – from August 2010 to 2020:
Lion Kevin Aldridge, Lion Myree Aldridge, Lion Diane Clough, Lion Gary Hamblyn, Lion Ian McNeill, Lion Linda Mulgrew, Lion Phil Sherriff, Lion Shari Sherriff and Lion Richard Wright.

Charter Members cutting the 10th Anniversary Cake
Charter Members cutting the 10th Anniversary Cake

The club presently has a total of 33 members who give their valuable selfless time to serve the community.
During this period we have had 5 Presidents who served the club in various years and ongoing projects carried on by the next president to see them through, with grants from the Scenic Rim Council and help and donations from our community.

Tamborine Village Lions First Members 2010
Some of the Tamborine Village Lions First Members 2010

The President’s who served the club are:
Past Lion Frances Dempsey 2010 – 2012
Lion Richard Wright 2012 – 2013
Lion Paul Krahnen 2013 – 2015
Past Lion David Walker 2015 – 2017
Lion Paul Krahnen 2017 – 2018
Lion Phil Dietz 2018 – 2020
Lion Paul Krahnen 2020 – 2021

Here are some highlights of achievements the club has accomplished over the years:

  • the Tamborine Village Community Cenotaph
  • the Tamborine Village War Animal Memorial Cenotaph
  • the Tamborine Village Lions Community Monthly Markets
  • the Yearly Tamborine Village Lions Community Christmas Carols and Twilight Markets
  • helping Individuals and Families who needs support and assistance
  • the Yearly and Eminent Donations to Organisations, Associations and Individuals
  • the Clubs Den
  • the Lion’s Shed
  • the Lion’s Food Caravan
  • the Memorial Plaque in honour of our Deceased Members

Proceeds from our events and donations from the community has wonderfully made the above happen.
And last not least ‘thank you’ to the community and local businesses for your ongoing generosity and kindness in supporting our fundraising events and assistance whenever needed for the past ten years to date.

Dignitaries at the TV Lions 10th Anniversary
Cr Jeff McConnell, Tamborine Village Lions President Paul Krahnen, Tamborine Mountain Lions President Tony Hall, & Jon Krause MP

Kindness Matters
Thank you, Lion Shirlene Pott
Media/Publicity Officer Tamborine Village Lions Club

See our gallery of photos of the evening: