Four Months On At The Centre

Tamborine Village Medical Centre New Signage
Tamborine Village Medical Centre New Signage

More Doctors & Services Join Village Medical

The Tamborine Village Medical centre has been open for approximately four months and have been overwhelmed with the kindness and support from the Tamborine community. Dr Julian, Karen and Ally comment “We’re so happy to be here and hope you feel the same.” As they are still quite brand new and growing their business, they would really appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to rate them on google and tell them what you think. The team is growing and when Dr Tom returns the centre will look at extending the hours further to full day Friday and Saturday mornings.

Our Team of Doctors And Their Interests:
Dr Julian Fox – GP, Skin Cancer and Dermatology
Dr Tom Mcgee – GP and Skin Cancer
Dr Davin Ryan – GP and Chronic Medical Care
Dr Kanishka Banerje – GP, General Medicine and Respiratory

Other services now at the centre are as follows:
Doreen Clark – Physiotherapist (on Mondays)
Cindy Lehfeldt – Massage/Nutritionist (by appointment)
Sandra Parker-Murphy – Psychotherapist, Women’s Counsellor
& Family Therapist (Monday and Tuesdays)