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Police News

Hello everyone.
As you read this you will no doubt be in full swing with the Corona Virus information and all manner of truths versus myths. I’m hoping we are all sensible enough to recognise the difference and seek the truth; hmmmmmmmm I ponder!! What I can say is that this is a real virus and some of us could possibly contract it, consider all your precautions you may have previously taken around the flu season and start employing them now. A message I see from the Government is not to touch your face without first washing your hands, very important and basic stuff.
Domestic Issues – being ill with the flu or a cold can make us feel fairly crappy indeed. Just take the time to recognise that if you are isolated at home with illness, your loved ones may be the only people caring for you and don’t need abuse – they may decide to withdraw their services, think about that for a moment before you lose your cool and my team end up on your doorstep.
Unfortunately, I speak about some sense, because there have been some terrible acts taking place at shopping centres and unfortunately our local stores have not been immune from this filthy behaviour. Remember the employees of these stores aren’t responsible for the delivery of products. My staff have been instructed and we will act against people who abuse employees and carry on like, for example, throwing items at employees. I hope if you are reading this article you pass the message on. Yes, I am astounded and disgusted.
Burglary – moving forward, the recent burglary of a pharmacy on the Mountain has been solved with the offenders in custody. Thank you to the Community who reported suspicious behaviour to us prior to the incident occurring.
This is what I mean when I say every little piece of info helps, no matter how trivial it may seem.
Road Safety – recent high-level drink driver (0.260%, yes that’s not a typo) will be appearing in Court and its pretty dangerous behaviour with some parked vehicles hit and the driver continuing their merry way oblivious to it. Selfish behaviour and not a care for our community. As you know, road safety is featured in this article regularly and you all know how we deal with it up here, with very little tolerance. We will still be conducting random breath tests despite what you may or may not have heard in the media world.
The P Platers of this world cop a hard time in general. I don’t put all eggs in the one basket. There are plenty of foolish Open Licence drivers out there as well. What I will say is this, if your driving behaviour needs modification take the steps now to improve yourself before my staff and I need to give you the financial incentive. There are a couple of young fellas from this Mountain whom we recently had the opportunity to chat to about their behaviour. They are presently walking for the next 3 months. (Just in case you thought I was joking about road safety).
Parking – Yellow Lines: if you see a yellow line on the edge of the roadway it symbolises that parking is prohibited in that area. There are many reasons for why that line is there, but we will issue tickets to those not taking the advice. This is all voluntary remember.
Found Property – no one has claimed any of the three bikes we have in our property room – surely someone is missing them?
As always, report matters that might seem suspicious, your information is just a phone call away and may help save someone’s life or protect their property, you never know.
Phone Policelink 131 444. In any emergency please phone 000.
by Sergeant Mark Shields – Tamborine Mountain Police Station