History of Tambourine & Surrounds – Part 14


1990s to 2019


The Auchenflower House in the Toowong Parish, previously home to a nunnery, was demolished in 1969. Years later in the late 1990s, the billiard room and ballroom are eventually recovered from Brisbane and relocated to Tamborine House (originally the Delpratt homestead) to become home to Albert River Wines restaurant and tasting room.
On the 25th September 1990, a bus flipped while turning onto King Parrot Court at the intersection of Sir Henri Roberts Drive, and sadly, eleven people die and the remaining thirty-one occupants are severely injured. A major event for the local community at the time, with the incident becoming a focus for new and improved road rules by the Queensland government.
Part-way through 1997, the areas of Eagle Heights, North Tamborine, and Mount Tamborine are all combined to create the region known as Tamborine Mountain. The suburb of Tamborine remained the same but with an effect of Tamborine, although never officially recorded, being colloquially referred to as Tamborine Village as a form of differentiation. The local government areas of the Beaudesert Shire Council become amalgamated into the Scenic Rim Regional Council in 2008.
Tim Wood purchased and restored his first military tank in 2010. Over the next ten years, Tank Ride becomes an iconic attraction of Tamborine, offering a chance to ride one of the many (some quite rare) tanks and vehicles.
During the devasting floods of 1996, the local region received over 150mm of rainfall in just two days. But this would pale in comparison to the coming 2010-11 floods, where the local area received 450mm in twelve hours. The 2017 floods, resulting from the effects of Cyclone Debbie, drove the Logan-Albert Rivers to peak at 15.94 metres with the worst rainfall being 500mm in an 18 hour period. Each time the local area floods, most or all roads to Tamborine are cut for days and quite often so is the power!
After the decommission of the Tamborine Talk newsletter in 2017, the Tamborine Bulletin, as the new town newspaper, began in 2019 with the colour news magazine being received favourably by the local community at large. And having said this, we have now come to the present day and intend to go back to the beginning of the timeline to feature certain major local events, families, individuals and structures. We have very much enjoyed exploring the rich and colourful history of Tamborine and surrounds and note that it is so filled with stories, events and incredibly interesting individuals and families that we are yet to discover more to add. So thank you for coming on this journey with us and if you have any historical items you would like included, please let us know