Your Body Tenses, Voice Shakes, & Your Heart Hammers!

New Members Getting Themselves Ahead …

Jimboomba Toastmasters – New Members

You’re asked to share in a work meeting. Just a couple of minutes on a topic you know well. Your body tenses, your voice shakes, and heart hammers. By the time you finish speaking, you’re unsure what you said exactly, but you know it wasn’t as clear as you wish it was.
This lack of confidence when speaking is exactly what a handful of locals have just embarked on overcoming to get themselves ahead, and find the ability to speak their ideas clearly when they want to.
Just this month, Jimboomba Toastmasters club opened its doors to the community for a special Open House event, and the response was excellent. Guests from all walks of life gathered to experience firsthand the supportive environment and invaluable resources that Toastmasters has to offer.
During the event, attendees had the opportunity to observe engaging speeches and impromptu talks delivered by their members, each showcasing the progress and growth that can be achieved through the Toastmasters program. From seasoned speakers to those taking their first steps in front of a group, the sense of fellowship and encouragement was vibrant throughout the room.
Those who attended saw just how unbelievably entertaining, welcoming and valuable each meeting is. No stodgy lecturing, just participation, engagement, and growth!
One guest who immediately commenced their membership application said “I just came along concerned about my lack of confidence overall, and it’s been crazy to see just how excellent this meeting has been. I’m looking forward to being more involved.”
Would it work for you? There are still a few spots available for new members to join their dynamic Toastmasters chapter in this intake. Whether you speak often and want to kick up a level, or someone who’s just beginning to explore the world of public speaking, there’s a place for you at Jimboomba Toastmasters.
By Thomas Krafft

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