St Patrick’s Church Facing Uncertain Future

St Patrick’s Church, Tamborine 2024

Back in November 2023 we reported that the diocese of St Mary’s in Beaudesert were proposing to close St Patrick’s Church in Tamborine. In response to an outcry from the local parishioners for possible loss of ongoing services (such as a beautiful christening of which we reported in our December Edition), the church was granted a reprieve until June 2024.
This pioneer church was built by the local people and was situated down by the Albert River. It got moved to the corner of Yore Road in 1874 due to the river flooding. A settlement grew from there with other buildings such as a hotel, hall, district board office, and a hospital. The church even became the local school back then.

St Patrick’s Church, Tamborine 1953

Once the railway started to go through Tamborine Village from 1911, the church was moved from Yore Road in 1965/66 as most township activities were happening there and seemed the perfect place for its next stage of life. Additions were then made to the building such as the Eucharist, toilet, and front landing which have now been discovered to include asbestos. Apparently, the asbestos is a low to medium range of risk according to a report undertaken back in June 2023 which means special care must be taken if the building is to be ever moved. The discovery was reported to the parishioners in November 2023 newsletter when the decision was made to close the church.
With development of ‘Tambourine’ commencing in c1866, St Patrick’s Church is one of the first most significant buildings to be built in the township now 150 years old. The parishioners along with members of the pioneer families Yore and Plunkett have banded together to save the church particularly for its important historical value for the area.
In a bid to save the building from decay if left to close, or from apparent destruction, or perhaps to have it renovated and moved to another area, the pioneer families and parishioners are requesting your help. If you can help save the church from demise, please contact Cecily Plunkett on 0412 370 698.