I’d Love To Know What Inspires You

To Be Inspired

Or who inspired you to be the amazing person you are … Inspiration can be found everywhere and in everyone. We all have the capacity to inspire someone or be inspired … Let us take this moment to think about that for a second, and delve back into the memories you have and those around you that have influenced you in a positive way.
I know, all too often I am talking to people about who influenced the issues they now have in life, so I like to also look at the polarity on this, and see who inspired the good stuff.
We are made up of ½ our mum, ½ our dad, and in that, all they inherited through their family lines as well.
There are some amazing talents and gifts that came from those lines, and also inspirational events, stories and messages from their trials and tribulations.
We also get that inspiration from those around us … teachers, peers, elders, youngsters, community groups, and many more.
So ponder if you will, just for a moment, all those wonderful times you felt inspired to do or be something. As you do this, give some gratitude towards that person or event, thanking them for the gift of that inspiration.
Now that you have connected to this, ask yourself, “Am I making use of that inspired moment and can I see how it has helped me in my life?” I like to remind myself of this from time to time as we forget sometimes and it is nice to reconnect to it … Thus activating it again for the joy that it is.
And inspiration goes both ways … it can be showing you what NOT to do, or be as well. Inspiration can come in many forms, and all it needs from you is your attention. Once inspiration has struck, we somehow feel different, opened up to new ways, and this my friends is how we grow as people. Be inspired, be inspiring and have yourself a lovely day!

And if no one has told you lately, I believe in you!
Namaste, Frances