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Heroes Onfield & Role Models For Life …

This month I wanted to point out the importance of parents, family, and friends in our young ones lives. No matter what sport your play, watch, or enjoy, from darts to football from cricket to soccer, they often have heroes, people who inspire and drive ambition to one day play in the big leagues. It’s their onfield talents that drive this.
My hero was Gavin Miller, a tough rugged back rower for the Cronulla Sharks and as much as I like watching Gavin play, he didn’t have to be anything more to me that my on-the-field footy hero.
Conversely, it was the role of my parents, family, and friends to be the role models in my life, which I will always be eternally grateful.
There is a clear difference between heroes and role models. I know that in a perfect world, a heroes action would 24/7 mimic that of a role model but this simply isn’t always going to happen. Let’s get real and clear. Our heroes kick the footballs, hits the cricket balls, and throw the darts, etc. Whilst role models lead from the front with examples of behaviour, honesty, and kindness for our young to witness first hand on a regular basis.
I thank all role models for choosing what can often be a tough path to navigate – the world needs you!

Until next month,
Big Dave (Tamborine Mountain Foodworks)