Deputy Mayor To Run For Mayor

“Make It Better With McConnell”

Deputy Mayor Jeff McConnell and Division 2 Councillor announces his intention to run for Mayor outside of Scenic Rim council building

Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Division 2 Jeff McConnell announces his intention to run for Mayor:
“Following much deliberation and consideration, I would like to formally announce my intention to run for the position of Mayor, Scenic Rim Regional Council in the upcoming 2024 Local Government elections with an official declaration at the Scenic Rim Regional Council building.

I don’t make this decision lightly. I have been fortunate to work within the Council environment for the past four years as Councillor and the previous eight years in the capacity as Local Controller, Scenic Rim State Emergency Services. This has provided me with the opportunity to identify and experience the strengths within our Council and the areas where we are vulnerable. I have also listened to residents and business owners who are advocating for me to take on this challenging role. I absolutely believe I am the right person to build on these strengths and provide the much needed leadership to address the vulnerabilities and take us into the future.

My leadership positions within the military and the State Emergency Service equips me with the required skills and I believe my inclusive, transformational leadership style is exactly what the Council requires. I have demonstrated my commitment to my role as Councillor and affirm that I will perform duties as Mayor with equal vigour, passion and commitment.

If I am elected Mayor, my term will be about Leadership, Respect and Stability. The elected Councillors in this Region, need to be empowered to make a difference and be respected for the skills that they bring to these elected positions. My commitment is to foster their skills and strengths, bring unity and stability to the Council and to pave the way to ensure our Region is successful well into the future.

I have consulted and listened with many people across the Region who are all saying the same thing ….. They want a different style of leadership in Council. I believe that I will fulfill that mandate.”

Deputy Mayor Jeff McConnell with daughters Keira and Casey outside the Scenic Rim Regional Council building
Daughters Keira and Casey join Deputy Mayor Jeff McConnell for his announcement

Family members and locals joined Deputy Mayor Cr Jeff McConnell for his official announcement outside the Council building at Beaudesert on Sunday 15 October 2023.