Chosen For BMX Olympics Squad

Ryder From Tamborine Joins BMX Talent Squad For Olympics

Ryder Wood on his specially made Colony BMX

Meet 10 year old Ryder Wood, who lives in Tamborine and started riding Freestyle BMX last year. Chosen as one of only 14 selected in Queensland, Ryder recently commenced attending a BMX School ‘Level Up’ in Currumbin one day a week. The school work consists of three hours of normal school and three hours of BMX Coaching. The new coaching program for the Talent Identification Squad for the Olympics will include extra training and access to the international-level indoor skatepark at Carrara (specific-built for competitors in the 2020 Olympics). Ryder rides a custom made Australian brand Colony BMX bike built especially for him.

Ryder rides mainly at the Beenleigh Skate Park for 2 to 3 hours a day on average. He also utilises the local skateparks and indoor skate parks but favours Beenleigh as his local for practicing. Why does Ryder like to do it? Because it’s physical, challenging, fun, and thrilling! He also likes hanging out with his riding mates, many of which are competing at a high level – and keep him on his toes!
It’s also in the blood! Ryder’s father, Tim, was a professional vert BMX rider who retired 12 years ago but has recently also reignited his passion for riding!
Ryder will compete in the upcoming Freestyle BMX National Championships on 23rd-25th March 2023 which will be his first major competition. Go for it, Ryder!