Queenslanders Locked Out Of Homes!

Developments Cause Huge Planning Problems …

In 2020 and 2021, the Palaszczuk Labor Government was locking Queenslanders out of Queensland arbitrarily, but now the LNP has revealed how the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s failure to unlock land for new housing is locking a generation of Queenslanders out of a home. 

The Government’s own figures show that approval of new housing blocks has fallen dramatically. In South-East Queensland residential lot approvals have plummeted from 20,700 annually (2015) to 14,700 annually (2021). That is a huge decrease of 29%. At the same time, residential building approvals across the state have fallen 27% year-on-year since the Palaszczuk Government came to power, falling from 25,300 in 2015 to 18,300 in 2021. These disastrous failures by Labor over almost 8 years in office leave me concerned Labor will make impulsive, knee-jerk decision to hastily approve huge developments – like Anna Bligh and Labor did with Yarrabilba and Flagstone back in 2010. Both of these developments have caused huge planning problems.

Jon Krause MP
Jon Krause MP

These numbers tell a story of failure. They are a key reason why we now have a Queensland Housing Crisis, with families that have full-time jobs and unblemished rental histories unable to find a place to call home with a roof over their head.

At the heart of the housing crisis is the Government’s failure to plan. Changes to rental laws, and a now abandoned new tax on investors building new homes, has scared off people who would otherwise invest in new homes. All of this before we even start talking about their failures in the public housing space! 

Queensland’s population historically increases each year due to interstate migration, and so it is a damning failure of the Government to see such a sharp drop in housing supply. The Palaszczuk Government cannot be trusted to fix the Queensland Housing Crisis – because they created it! Queenslanders deserve so much better.

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