Blame It On The Boogie!

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Don’t Let End Of School Be End Of The Line …

What an interesting couple of weeks we have had. The weather has changed, we got some rain, and we got some sunshine, it all adds up to a fresh mowing season!!

There has been a lot going on and I believe the school term is going to come to an end quite rapidly with Grade 12 through to the juniors sporadically ending over the next 6 weeks. For the seniors: Speeding, Drink (or drug) Driving, Seatbelts, Fatigue and Distractions (think mobile phones) – can all contribute to a serious injury or death on our roads. Don’t let end of school be the end of the line! There will be a full campaign targeting these offences and there is zero tolerance around this type of offending. Remember your actions on our roads will reflect not only on yourself …..

Lock it up, please don’t be an easy target for criminals. We recently had a 34-year-old male, a 27-year-old female and a 21-year-old male charged with a string of burglary and associated offences across the Mountain. Grubs!! A huge thank you to our vigilant community ringing in the details of these societal leeches and their whereabouts which resulted in swift action to apprehend them. 

Remember, if you are going away ensure you secure your valuables. If you have trusted friends or family around consider them with your plans and have a contact number for any emergencies. Keep an eye out for scum wanting to take your possessions. For anyone looking suspicious, or things don’t seem right then record number plates, descriptions of people and take a photo or video if possible.

Halloween Night is quickly upon us which means Kids and the Boogie Man; Parents make sure the little ones have some street sense about them. Stop, Look, and Listen is something that resonates well, and kids get distracted easily…. come to think of it many adults do too, (think bright shiny things!!). 

Whilst we will always have crime, drugs and traffic issues which can affect us in different ways, I will say this for everyone – above all else, enjoy life. There are many good people in this community who contribute greatly and make the place what it is, a welcoming destination for people from across the globe. Existing in this world looking over your shoulder because you constantly do wrong must really be tiring; try doing some good, I’ll be watching ….

As always, report matters that might seem suspicious, your information is just a phone call away and may help save someone’s life or protect their property. 

You never know!