Bridging The Great ‘Digital Divide’!

Community Ambassador For nbn® Help

I’m Kristen Coggan your Community Ambassador for nbn® Local in your area. I proudly live and work in Southern Queensland and I am dedicated to helping our communities develop the skills they need to get the most out of their online experience. 

nbn Local is a business unit within nbn’s Regional Development & Engagement (RDE) branch. Our purpose is to lift digital capability at a local level, facilitate positive customer experience outcomes and create shared economic and social benefits for rural and regional Australians, across 22 dedicated regions nationwide.

My role as a Community Ambassador is to focus on lifting digital capabilities and increasing community awareness and an understanding of nbn services and digital literacy.  This is achieved through foundation level programs and activities, and community engagement at events, such as The Scenic Rim Regional Council “Cuppa in the Communi-Tea” mornings.

The ‘digital divide’, as highlighted by The Good Things Foundation’s Digital Nation Australia 2021 report, is a significant issue within modern Australia. With an ever evolving and growing digital world, it is important to have skills to communicate online with family and friends, operate smart devices, access information, and store data safely and securely.

nbn recognises that being digitally capable is not only having the ability to use digital technology, but also having an awareness of the dangers and having the ability to keep safe.  Connectivity can unlock regional Australia’s potential, and utilising nbn Local’s on the ground teams, through collaboration with local communities, organisations, and Local Government, is how we can work towards closing the digital divide between city and regional Australia.

Want to improve your online skills? With more of our lives and daily activities happening online, knowing how to navigate the digital world is more important than ever. That’s where OSCAR comes in. nbn created the Online Skills Check & Resources (OSCAR) to help measure your skills and find resources to help you on your digital journey. 

OSCAR takes you through four essential competencies: 

· Online knowledge 

· Device usage 

· Sharing data and e-safety

· Online communication 

Want to learn more? Check your online skills and find relevant resources by scanning this QR code and completing a 5 minute survey.

Kind Regards, Kristen Coggan 

Community Ambassador, Southern Queensland 

Have you met OSCAR?  

A tool developed by nbn to help Australians measure their level of online skills and find the resources to become more capable and  confident online. Scan here to access OSCAR: