‘Shaking The Tamborine’ Event!

Adventurers Are Coming To Tamborine  For A Massive 5-10 Hour Rogaine Event …

On 13 August, teams of two to five rogainers will be taking up the challenge of going on a long-distance, cross-country navigation foot trek through the Tamborine area – aptly named ‘Shaking the Tamborine’ – as a traditional foot rogaine through an area never before rogained. 

Whilst the exact location is currently unknown for participants, the course has been set and it’s expected that the terrain will be varied: with beautiful flowing creeks and open hill sides for those who want to enjoy some beautiful countryside; and tough verticals for those who want to push the limit. 

Starting and finishing in Tamborine Village with a hot breakfast, participants will then have a number of checkpoints they need to look for over a five to ten hour period throughout the race, before finishing with a delicious dinner by the campfire. Camping is included in the entry fee so people can stay overnight and enjoy the campfire atmosphere.

Newbies are encouraged to join in with the rogaine, which often includes people of all ages and levels of fitness. There are no set routes with rogainers choosing which parts of the course they visit and the distance they decide to complete. 

The Queensland Rogaine Association said many people gain satisfaction from the experience of navigating their way around the course and returning to the finish line within a certain timelimit. 

It’s time to ‘Shake Tamborine Up’!

Entries for ‘Shaking the Tamborine’ are now open and can be found on the Rogaine Website: