Party In The Paddock All Afternoon

Dragon Incredibly Supportive Of Arts Industry

Bearded Dragon Hotel Tamborine is cementing itself as a hot spot for upcoming Live Music Artists and the muso’s and punters are stoked to see the line-up back every weekend! L.R. Marsh lands at Tamborine on his East Coast Tour Saturday 27th August & Sunday 28th August 2-5pm live on the Main Stage. Enjoy a great tucker, beer tower & cocktails from the outdoor garden bar with your party crew for a winter sun session! 

LR Marsh
LR Marsh

LR Marsh is blues rock one-man-band who has been a professional touring and recording artist for over 15 years, touring Australia and Europe regularly supported by multiple studio releases, one of which was recorded by acclaimed producer Sylvia Massy in the USA in 2015.His career began at the tender age of about 5 years old when he was gifted a ukulele by his parents, and immediately took to standing on the front door step yelling “give me some money” while thrashing away on the little instrument.  

So don’t forget there will be an open case for & opportunity to purchase merch and music so show your support for this Aussie Musician! Not a lot has changed, although he says he is a bit taller now and got some rad guitars to go with the ol’ ukulele! LR Marsh has taken up a regular residency at the Bearded Dragon since 2021 and he reckons it’s one of the warmest, most welcoming, and unique venues he has ever played at (well, shucks that makes the old dragon blush)! 

His shows at the Bearded Dragon began shortly after COVID ruined everyone’s day, although he says “I am very grateful to be a working musician in Australia and particularly Queensland following all of this”. 

The arts have always been a bit overlooked and underestimated industry in the eyes of some, but I’m glad that Queensland has always backed the arts and helped us thrive in the face of all of this. LR Marsh says “The Bearded Dragon folks in particular have always been incredibly supportive of the arts industry. Their classic “Blow Up The Pokies” T-shirts sum this up beautifully. I’m looking forward to my next show there in August. Let’s party in the paddock all afternoon!”

Find some of LR MARSH latest original release (“Inside Outlines” album) or even just a link to it, it can be found here: and on Spotify etc.
Book a Table at Bearded Dragon with your crew (07) 5543 6888 and make sure you follow them on facebook or Instagram @beardeddragonhotel