Mock Operations …

Mock Operations

Help Prepare Council And Local Community For Extreme Weather Events

Mock Operations
Community Disaster Volunteers and Council employees during ‘Operation Vacate’ at Vonda Youngman Community Centre planning for community evacuation centres

Council recently hosted two timely disaster preparedness operations, firstly with the Local Disaster Management Group to test preparedness for potential flooding, and secondly with Community Disaster Volunteers from across the Scenic Rim.
Operation Downpour tested the capabilities of the Local Disaster Coordination Centre and involved a desktop discussion between Council employees and emergency services representatives, who are part of the Local Disaster Management Group, to plan ahead for extreme weather conditions forecast this summer.
Operation Vacate brought together Community Disaster Volunteers from across the region to Tamborine Mountain’s Vonda Youngman Community Centre to practice how to operate of a “Place of Refuge” or “Evacuation Centre” supported by Council employees.
Scenic Rim Mayor and Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group Cr Greg Christensen said those involved in the operations were on alert during the recent wet weather and localised flooding.
“Held in late October and early November in the lead up to storm season, Operation Downpour and Operation Vacate provided invaluable learning experiences for Council and members of the wider community ahead of what the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted will be a wetter than average season,” Cr Christensen said.
“Our Community Disaster Volunteers are a great group of people from various backgrounds including former teachers, psychologists and artists, who are well connected in their communities and willing to step up and lend a hand during disasters. We still have plenty of Community Disaster Volunteer roles to fill in the areas of Tarome, Mount Alford, Beaudesert and Gleneagle and surrounds, so if you know anyone who fits the bill, please encourage them to contact Council to register their interest.
“We live in place that can be impacted by severe storms, flash flooding and bushfires, so all residents are urged to seriously consider their own disaster preparedness — it’s not a case of ‘if’, but a case of ‘when’. The first thing we ask people to do is to understand their specific risks, such as flooding, that may affect your property and local area. Particularly if you are new to the area, talk to neighbours and friends about ways to protect your home, understand what to do if you need to evacuate and which roads may be impacted by flash flooding so that you can stay safe on the roads.
“Now is the time to check your insurance is current and sufficient to protect your home, contents or business and that you have a have a household emergency plan in place so that you and your loved ones know where to go and what to do in an emergency. It’s also important to have a household emergency kit and checklist so that you can access important items and documents quickly.”

Scenic Rim residents are also advised to prepare for the forecast storm season by:
• trimming and clearing trees and branches away from their homes
• keeping trees that are under or near powerlines to a height of less than four metres
• checking that roofing is secure, and
• clearing gutters and downpipes of blockages and debris

If you’re interested in becoming a Community Disaster Volunteer, please read this Fact Sheet
In the event of a disaster, tune in to local radio station and use the Scenic Rim Regional Council Disaster Dashboard website to stay up-to-date with weather warnings, alerts, road conditions and emergency updates at