A Man And His Hobby!

Lego Man & His Lego Land …

A Lego Man And His Hobby
Rob with neighbours – Kayla and Paige (on right) enjoying the wonders of Rob’s garage Lego Display

We received a message from a lady called Dorothy who wanted to tell us about her husband hobby. “Help, help”, she said, “my husband’s hobby has taken over the garage!” No, no, just kidding, it wasn’t like that at all – it’s just a lovely story about a wonderful man and his amazing hobby – which has happened to have taken over the garage!

Before the Lego, Dorothy’s husband Robert began collecting model cars – but not just any model cars – he has acquired every single James Bond car – all 135 of them, and Bat Man vehicles – 72 of them! Rob turned his attention to Lego about four years ago and created a complete Lego Land. Well, not complete yet – there are still spaces on the shelves waiting for more – which is quite an exciting concept for the local neighbourhood children who visit each day to see ‘what’s new in the garage’!

The prospect of something new being built it appears is also exciting to the neighbours who lean out of their car windows when driving past to ask “Hey Rob, any new Lego’s today?!” Neighbour Ned dropped by while we were there and said he has been corrupted by Rob and has started building Lego too!
The whole set up is fabulous, featuring a township with retail stores, an airport, gingerbread house, haunted house, fairground, garage, historic buildings, and a train track which travels around the town – to name but a few. Rob even built a guitar, an amp, and a typewriter, which said were a bit tricky to do!

When we were all in lockdown and couldn’t go out, Rob said he just got busy with his Lego’s commenting that people in his age group should take up Lego’s because it is good for both the mind as well as the hands.
Rob loves his Lego’s, that’s for sure. Thank you Rob for sharing your exciting world of Lego, and to Dot for contacting us – we sympathise that you can no longer park your car in the garage!

Instead of asking Rob to choose between her and his Lego – Dorothy has asked to let her know if anyone has any spare Lego they would like to donate, she will even come to pick it up! Please contact us – we certainly know it will go to a good home!