Rockstars & Books A Novel Idea!

Reading Rockstar Day @ The Creek

Reading Rockstar Day

To celebrate a love for reading, Cedar Creek State School students and staff were encouraged to dress as their favourite ‘Reading Rockstar’ for their recent Reading Rockstar Day.
Throughout the day, special guests visited classrooms where the students wrote down and discussed their Reading Learning Goals. At each year level, students also made guitars from craft items resulting in some very interesting designs. A group of Year 6 students went to each classroom to judge the most interesting and cleverly made creations.

A special assembly was held at the end of the day. Parents were also encouraged to dress as a Reading Rockstar, and students and staff performed ‘reading tasks’ in front of an eager audience. Shevaun Russell from the Albert Valley Wilderness Society brought along her ‘bin characters’ from her new book ‘The Nagging Nuisance – A Story Full Of Rubbish’ to talk about the importance of recycling. Dressing as a rockstar and reading – a very ‘novel’ idea!