Monthly Meeting – November 2021

TDCA Inc To Celebrate 40 Year Anniversary

Items addressed at the Tamborine and Districts Citizens Association Inc’s monthly meeting for November were:

Business Arising:

• A grant is being considered for a PA System for TDCA events.
• The 40th Anniversary Celebration for the TDCA is to be held at the Lions Christmas Carols Celebration with the cutting of an anniversary cake and a speech by Syd about the history.
• TDCA Inc is to lay a wreath at the Remembrance Day Service.
• ‘Event Ahead’ signage is to be created in order to slow drivers when travelling past events held at the hall.
• A Defibrillator For The Hall is to be applied for next year.
• Cr Jeff’s Community Consultative Meeting & BBQ is to be postponed until next year.
• The possibility of an Events Stage as well as Community Events will undergo further discussion next year.
• It was suggested a ripple/raised concrete strip for the nonstopping area outside Tamborine Central so vehicles have to go out and around may be effective, or for a proper car park on the other side of the road with a zebra crossing to be built. But currently the Main Roads Department is not coming out for a consultation as they do not agree it is unsafe as there have been no major accidents. It was suggested to write a letter to Main Roads based on safety concerns, to lobby the state member.
• It was noted once again that the sign at North Tamborine beside Doughty Park before the Main Road area is still incorrectly showing the direction for Tamborine as straight ahead which is in the opposite direction and leads into Mt Tamborine instead of Tamborine Village.
• Community response for those who are having trouble with the water situation in Riemore Estate was invited.

Councillor McConnell’s Report:

• The dumped tyre pile at Walnut Road is still to be picked up.
• The plan for the proposed servo is still in deliberations.
• The plans for Leach Road have still not come in.
• Concerns were raised about the Kooralbyn buses stopping at Tamborine Central instead of at the bus exchange.
• Requests for Australia Day Award Nominations are out. Forms are available at the council or on the website.
• Cr Jeff presented an image of the walking track plan around Riemore Estate. Drawings of Massie Park and the development plans for Ballantrae Park and a Bus Stop will also be shown as they become approved.
• A Wildlife Corridor exists from the mountain through to Palomino Road but subsequent clearing and fencing by residents putting up non-wildlife friendly mesh fences is forcing wildlife onto roads. Cr Jeff is going to ask Landcare for advice. Guard rails have also been improved to now have
gaps to allow wildlife to pass through.
• A water tank has been dragged across the gate area of Tambourine Park blocking access.
• The Disaster Management Group from council is currently looking into the need for a sign for floods at the roundabout, including possible installation of an electronic sign.

New Business:
Members are to bring a plate to share to the December meeting to celebrate their last meeting of the year!

If you would like to voice your opinion about any issues or concerns for the community, please join the TDCA Inc at their monthly meetings for an effective platform on which to discuss local matters in the area.

“Come Along And Have Your Say!”

The next meeting is on Monday 13 December at 7pm at the hall