Greatest Gift For Your Dog

The Opportunity To Explore & Sniff!

Shari with George playing on the beach

Christmas once again is almost upon us we will be running around trying to buy last minute presents and enough food to feed an army and in all the rushing around we need to remember our near and dear pets and out present to them as each day we have with them is a gift in itself.

For example regarding our dog or dogs, the greatest gift you can give them is an opportunity to explore new smells. The olfactory sensory system in a dog is from about 10 thousand to a 100 thousand times better than us humans. Taking them for a walk with all stimulating smells makes your dog really happy. The way they process odours is by many, many receptors in their gorgeous schnozzles. The tissues in their nose are much larger than ours they have billions of special cells that deal with odours giving information to the brain and different breeds can have from 200million up to 300 million. Some can have a couple of billion!

So, taking your dog out for a walk where they can sniff to their hearts content head down bottom up it’s one of the best things gifts you can give your dog. Meanwhile you can enjoy watching your dog being happy and be happy yourself as you observe the beautiful nature whether it’s at the beach where you can smell the ocean air yourself put your feet in the water.
A walk through some lovely, wooded areas where the sun can shimmer through the leaves. Just being in the moment to stop and smell the roses so to speak, just like your dog does. Living the moment. Making your dog happy this Christmas does not need to cost you lots of money.

Then just looking into their eyes and giving them love is so rewarding because it’s probably hundred percent guarantee that they love you just as much. So don’t forget about your faithful companions this Xmas as during these strange times, their compassion saves us more than we realise.

Have a beautiful Christmas remembering that love compassion and kindness is the best gift to share around.

Thank You For Reading.
I wish you all well.
By Shari Hughes