Local Police News – November 2021

Police News

What’s The Time?

Who’d have thought another year has gone by and Christmas is just around the corner. If you are finishing Grade 12 – Congratulations! If you intend on celebrating; stay safe, look after one another and remember who you are.

It can be a stressful time for some, and the team has been engaged with several people in recent times who have reached out to us for assistance. Congratulations goes out for those people taking a step that can sometimes be the most difficult. The team up here generally engage in Movember for
men’s health, so don’t be surprised if you see stylish facial hair amongst the team.

We continue to conduct random breath testing and the last two weeks has seen four (4) people attend Court as a result of having had too much. Please check your plans, plan to engage a driver if you propose to drink. It’s not worth the risk. Some speedsters about the place continue to be given
financial incentive to slow down and I see the ignorant out there still parking across driveways so they can visit the area. We are issuing infringements to every single vehicle we see not observing the rules in that arena, so please tell your friends – I’d rather not have to do it, but we will as it creates a hazardous environment for everyone.

A couple of people will be attending Court having been arrested for drug related matters. Consider your lifestyle options as bringing drugs into the Community will be dealt with. I want to thank everyone out there who continues to be vigilant with property and vehicle security, and for reporting suspicious activity to us. As a group it is great to see everyone
taking responsibility for the security of the Community.

Speaking of the Community, we have chance meetings with various people from all walks of life regularly; and the thanks we receive really is appreciated. We, as a group, know there are some we can’t please, some we won’t please, and others who will tell lies about us. That’s life!! Living and working in such a great environment with a great community is what makes that so amusing and a pleasure to be here. “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

As always, report matters that might seem suspicious, your information is just a phone call away and may help save someone’s life or protect their property, you never know.