Inside Sport With Big Dave

Inside Sport With Big Dave

Galloping Into Spring

For most people Springtime means things like flower festivals, and beautiful weather, the time to pack away those winter woolies and drag out the board shorts and thongs.

For horse racing fanatics such as myself, it’s the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival in a full stretch gallop as it approaches the race that ‘Stops the Nation’! It’s on the first Tuesday of November, you may have stumbled across it, it’s called the Melbourne Cup! Buyer beware, I’ve only ever tipped and backed one winner, ‘Saintly’ was his name way back, so long ago in fact, that John Howard was Prime Minister. With the law of averages with or against me depending on how you look at it, I’m going to share with you ‘Dave’s Magical Melbourne Cup Selection System’!

  1. Eliminate any horse not placed in the top three at their last start.
  2. Of the horses left, eliminate any horse not in the top six of the remaining runners based on place strike rate percentage.
  3. Of the horses remaining, eliminate any horse not in the top
    three of the win strike rate percentage.
  4. Of the three remaining runners, your winning selection is the
    highest number saddle cloth of the three. Your second horse is the second highest saddle cloth, and the third horse if obviously the lowest number saddle cloth.

There you go, a quick simple system for selecting the top three in the Cup. I’ll keep you informed next month of how the system faired. With my past performance record, I wouldn’t like to be risking my last half pound of flour, lol! “May the horse be with you!”

When I see you next month, may your pockets be full!

Big Dave (Tamborine Mountain Foodworks)