Councillor’s Comments For November 2021

Cr Jeff McConnell Division 2

Cr Jeff McConnell – Division 2

Cr Jeff McConnell Division 2
Councillor Jeff McConnell – Division 2 – Scenic Rim

These are my own personal views. I do not purport to speak on behalf of Council.


I realise that this is a controversial topic but I have decided to express my stance on this. Is COVID real, YES it is. Is it as dangerous as the Government and media making it out to be, for those over 60 or with underlying health conditions, YES it is. For those who are younger and are in good health the statistics indicate that there is an extremely low risk of death. Yes, there
is still a risk but our lives are full of risks, driving, working etc.

This brings us to the vaccine which State Governments are trying to mandate especially across government workers. Do I believe that any government has the power to mandate this vaccine across its population, NO I do not. I have not had the vaccine and I do not intend to at this time; however, you are free to do whatever you want with your body. I am at this stage happy to take some extra vitamins and minerals that have shown to assist with combating COVID. I am not Anti-Vacc but I am Vacc-Hesitant when it comes to the COVID vaccine as it is a new type of vaccine that does not have long term data. There are approx 3,500 deaths every year in Australia from the flu but we do not have the same response to mandatory vaccination.

When there is a push for only one type of treatment and all other treatments are blacked out or ridiculed in the media, then I am suspicious. I encourage everyone to conduct your own research and talk with your doctor.

The rest of the world has shown that lockdowns do not work and that a ‘COVID ZERO’ approach is unachievable as we cannot remain separated from the rest of the world forever.


There is a lot of misconception in the community about what powers your local Councillor has to fix an individual issue that you are having. The short answer is that we cannot direct a Council officer at all, if we did we would be guilty of misconduct and could potentially be removed from office. I do everything I can to get the best possible outcome for residents when they
bring a problem to me. Is it frustrating at times, yes because we want to help residents who come to us but we must let the process work. There
are also a lot of State mandated regulations that we must follow that restrict us from getting involved in what are called ‘operational issues’.

There is also a misconception that Council is responsible for or can fix every issue. Again, we cannot direct or force State Government entities (SEQWater, Main Roads) to do anything. This is not passing the buck but we can and do however lobby hard for the best possible solution to the problem.

Quote Of The Day

“The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.” – Aung San Suu Kyi

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