Local Police News – October 2021

Report kindly provided by the Tamborine Mountain Police Community

Spring To It …
Hello to all in the local region. I know it’s Spring because the weeds are out of control, and I’ve had to start mowing the lawn again!!

I also see that the sun is coming out of hibernation and so are the snakes. Just a nice timely reminder for inquisitive minds about to start school holidays; keep an eye out, enjoy their beauty (except for that one in the grass, hmmmm) and utilise the snake catcher network if it’s really a concern.

Motorcycle Skills and Safety –
How To Keep It UP-RIGHT!

The campaign has started on a joint Qld Police / Qld Govt Community Road Safety initiative offering skills and safety course for motorcycle riders. With motorcycle riders overrepresented in crashes to date, this is a great opportunity to attend a course normally valued at $1000. The cost is $50
and with that you get a first aid kit, other great incentives and the benefit of a critical skills and safety course. Ring 1300 961 335 as bookings are essential. There is also a QScan available on posters and postcards we have put up around town.

The first course is planned for Oct 2nd 2021 at Jimboomba. We have a nice collection of glasses, keys and other associated items regularly handed in to our office. If you are missing an item, please drop by the station between 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm on a Monday to Thursday to see if your item is here. I’m not sure how people get around town when I have their car keys??

With myself and the team looking forward to some warmer weather and continuing to provide this community with a positive Policing experience, you will see us out and about on the roadsides, walking the beat and encouraging everyone to take a little responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Remember though we can’t please everyone all the time, some people just don’t get it!! As always, report matters that might seem suspicious, your
information is just a phone call away and may help save someone’s life or protect their property, you never know.

Sgt Mark SHIELDS (North Tamborine Police)

POLICE LINK Ph 131 444
In any emergency please phone 000

Keep It Upright