Sister School ‘Colours of India’

King’s Christian College Shows Support To Students In India At Rock High School

Rock High staff and students with Lorraine Oswald

King’s Christian College Logan Village held a ‘Colours of India’ Free Dress Day in support of Rock High School, its ‘sister school’ in Hyderabad, India.

Students wore the colours of the Indian flag (orange, green and white) and some even hand-painted their own T-shirts with the flag.

Parents also got involved by donating cupcakes to the cause and helped prepare the sausage sizzle for students to enjoy. The whole school community – students, staff and parents– worked together to make the day a success and were very excited to raise $1,138.

Over the years, King’s staff (including King’s Group Head of Primary Lorraine Oswald and Primary Receptionist Katinka Niemeijer) have made trips to Rock High School to work alongside the teachers and bless them with training, resources and encouragement. Some high school students
from King’s Reedy Creek and Pimpama campuses have also accompanied staff on these trips to help at Rock High in any way they can.

“India is doing it tough at the moment after the new wave of COVID19. We are so happy to be a ray of hope to the students and staff of Rock High School and show our support. We have made some beautiful connections with Rock High’s students and staff, and it feels good to provide some practical help – so they know they’re not alone. We are all in this together,” said Katinka Niemeijer, Primary Receptionist, King’s Christian College Logan Village. “We so appreciate King’s parents getting behind ‘Colours of India’. It is also a really valuable lesson to the students about being outward focussed and caring for others.”

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