Councillor’s Comments For May 2021

Cr Jeff McConnell Division 2

Cr Jeff McConnell – Division 2

Cr Jeff McConnell Division 2
Councillor Jeff McConnell – Division 2 – Scenic Rim

These are my own personal views. I do not purport to speak on behalf of Council.

In my last column I spoke about the need for the Councillors to work with the Mayor to ensure we have a cohesive and functional Council. That also goes the other way as well, with the Mayor needing to work with the Councillors who are elected by each division. The Council is a democracy where each Councillor is given one vote and a majority is needed to pass any motion. If the Mayor is to achieve his vision, then he requires the support of a majority of Councillors. We as Councillors are not there to just rubber stamp the working of Council but to check and make sure it is in the best interests of the wider community.
Obviously, we will always have to pass motions that some in the community will not like, but we must look at the long-term strategic view. The Scenic Rim is a growing region, and we are expecting another 10,000 new houses over the next 20 years. The State Government has required that Council have a Growth Management Strategy to facilitate this increase and the community consultation has just closed and I wish to thank all those who submitted their suggestions.

Beaudesert Revitalisation
The first stage of the $8.4m Beaudesert revitalisation has been approved and with a massive grant funding boost by the Federal and State governments of $7.9m, this leaves ratepayers with only $450,000 which is a great deal. The Council have opened a pop-up shop across from the Council building for those who would like more detail on the project. The second stage will be the Beaudesert Community Hub and Library which will be a huge boost not only for Beaudesert but the for the Region. Council will again be requesting funding support from the State and Federal governments.

Tamborine Memorial Hall
It was great to see the hall granted $53,000 in state funding for some much-needed upgrades which include a full roof paint, interior painting, new LED lighting (reducing the power bills) and moving underground some powerlines.

Upcoming Budget
Over the next few months, the Council will be working on the FY21/22 Budget. If you see me around and want to give me your priorities, please stop me for a chat or you can email me at the below address.

Thought Of The Day
“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr

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