Not Just For Christmas

Dog & Kitten Christmas Gifts
Dog & Kitten Christmas Gifts

The Gift Of Commitment …

One of the most popular gifts for Christmas is a puppy, kitten or other type of pet, and yes the initial joy and cuteness can obscure the realities of commitment.
Unfortunately after the excitement has passed, many pets end up being dumped. This is why decision regarding caring for a life needs to be taken seriously. Many pets lives are a lottery. They don’t have a choice. They could end up in a good home , bad home , temporary home. The decision is out of their control and there are so many darlings out there in need of rescue. We as humans need to remember that a pet should be FUREVER.

Unfortunately, there are some who’s actions are labelled the “too hard basket “ scenario. Also, there are unfortunate cases where the human becomes sick or need to relocate and the decision to say goodbye to their beloved pet is heartbreaking.
Luckily, there are many wonderful human souls that rescue and adopt the numerous pets that need a new home.

Dog sitting in santa hat next to gift

Yes some animals may have some behavioural issues, they could be wary, timid, perhaps abused. They could be too energetic, not housetrained, too old, too small, too fragile, disabled in some way … and the list goes on. None of us are perfect, but some consistency in training and the right care and love, they will be the best friends you will ever have.
This is why if selecting a puppy, or adopting any pet , one needs to be careful of the choices of breed and what space they require. As an example, a kelpie is not a good choice in an apartment. It’s a working dog and needs to run.

As with any dependent, there is also a cost. Vaccinations, worming, flea and tick control, grooming, holiday boarding and possible sickness or injury. The bigger the dog, the bigger the cost for most things. I thoroughly recommend pet insurance.
After all these things considered and having Santa’s help of choosing what is right, the love and devotion will not be just for Christmas but for life. As our actions have ripple effects to all humans around us, let the ripple effect to our pets be just full of love.

It’s a wonderful life … with your beloved pet.
Thank You For Reading.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!
By Shari Hughes

Tamborine Pet Farmstay