Exciting Educational Experience

Silkwood School students visit Botanic Gardens
Silkwood School students visit Botanic Gardens
Silkwood School students listening closely to Botanic Gardens Curator Brian Davison

Botanic Gardens Hosts School Group

The volunteers at Tamborine Mountain Regional Botanic Gardens recently hosted a group of Year Five students from the Silkwood School at Nerang.
The students were split into three groups for a tour of the Gardens and quickly demonstrated a love for the natural environment. They were eager to listen and learn as Gardens Curator Brian Davison took each group in turn on a tour. The other two groups explored the rainforest walk and Sooty Owl’s Creekside Trail as they waited their turn.

Sooty Owl's Creekside Trail
Sooty Owl’s Creekside Trail in the TM Botanic Gardens

The tours took the students through the Japanese and perennial gardens and through the camellias where they were shown a variety from which tea is made.
They listened to an explanation of leaf sizes, from one that is as long as an adult human arm to another which is so small it cannot be seen with the naked eye. They learned how insects are vital as pollinators in a garden.
They were also shown a bulging bottle tree and told that pineapples are a part of the bromeliad species of plants.
Mr Davison said the students demonstrated sound knowledge of nature and remained highly attentive throughout the 20-minute tour.
Wanda Williams, a teacher with the Silkwood School who organised the excursion, said the school emphasises the importance of nature in its day-to-day teaching.
“We truly appreciated the time and effort taken by the Botanic Gardens volunteers in providing an exciting educational experience for our students,” she said.

By Denby Browning
(President – Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens Inc)