Quit The 9 To 5 Life

Quit The 9 To 5 Life
Nikki & Brett Quit The 9 To 5 Life For Their Family

How To Be Independent And Earn A Living …

“For the last 30+ Years I have worked in the Hotel & Hospitality Industry starting as an Apprentice chef at the age of 15. The long hours and hot kitchens got the better of me, I thought things had to be better in front of the house. I returned to my studies in Hotel Management. While studying I work as a barman. This allowed me the ability to travel the world with my craft. Throughout my 20’s, I worked and travelled the world. I never stayed put long enough to climb the corporate ladder but was enjoying life.
Now we have entered an environment that we have never experienced in our lifetimes. Each day brings about new challenges, new rules, new guidelines.
The world has not had to cope with a pandemic for approx. 100 years and lets face it; it’s thrown many of us into a tail spin. But there are some industries that are equipped to flourish even in these most unsettling of times.
This is why I enjoy working online, from home, is one of those industries that is still booming. People are looking for ways to become more independent not only in how they earn a living, but also in their ability to choose where they work from. Living here in the wonderful Tamborine area why would you work anywhere else!
Since starting Quit the 9 to 5 life, we specialise in helping people from all over the world to become financially independent. A big component to creating success is managing your thought process. Do you think you have what it takes to become a multiple six or even seven figure income earner working online?”

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Thanks Brett Hutson