‘Open Air’ Flu Vax Clinic

Flu Vax Clinic At Tamborine

First Ever Flu Vax Clinic In Tamborine

Recently, on Wednesday 20th May, a marquee was set up outside the medical centre ready for its first patients in Tamborine’s first ever ‘open air’ flu vax clinic (we were one – ouch!).
Bookings for the clinic were made with Carina (Pharmacist) and Laura (Assistant Pharmacist) at the Tamborine Village Pharmacy. Dr Julian Fox administered the vaccines, with Karen Fox in attendance, to more than 60 people, a number which started out with as a mere 10 bookings growing quickly as word spread about the flu vax clinic with people taking the opportunity to gain protection against the flu.

Flu Vax Clinic At Tamborine
Carina Marais, Laura Morrison, Dr Julian Fox & Karen Fox at Flu Vax Clinic

A comment was made that with winter on the way, and Covid-19 around, we certainly don’t need Influenza A on top!

Flu Vax Clinic At Tamborine
Dr Julian Fox giving a vaccination to local resident Cheryle Dunn

As an added bonus, Anneke set up her Mobile Dutch Pofertjes and Coffee Shop outside the medical precinct so after a ‘quick jab’, patients (and visitors alike) could indulge in a coffee and delicious pancakes!

Flu Vax Clinic at Tamborine
Anneke’s Mobile Dutch Pofertjes and Coffee Shop outside the Medical Centre at Tamborine

The Tamborine Village Medical centre now offers pathology collection between 8.30 – 9.00am each weekday. The centre also has some exciting news with the arrival of Dr Davin Ryan about to join their team. From the start of June, the centre will also be offering Natropathy and Physiotherapy services.