From DOING To Just BEING …

Meditation – Mindfully Minding The Fluidity Of The Inner Banter!

If you asked me more than 10 years ago about my meditation practices, I think I would answer it’s still a challenge to stay focused and quieten my busy head. At least that’s what most people find when they first encounter meditation. It seems so difficult to remain quiet inside … we are used to busyness and distraction, that to sit still, even for a short time, proves pointless. We struggle only because we haven’t learnt the value of that sacred time… nor have we given ourselves permission to allow such an indulgence! Self-care, however, requires us to maintain some good practices around mindfulness and quietening the mind. After all, when it is in blissful peace, the serenity is so deeply nourishing, we wonder why we never entertained it so deeply before. We further learn it to not be an indulgence at all, but a necessity for true peace.
So what can we expect to get out of this reflective time? Perhaps some inner peace, or knowing, perhaps a new perspective, perhaps just some rest. Sometimes we feel elevated. Hearts opened. Other times we may feel a release and lighter from the burdens we have carried. As we reflect or just observe what is there, by just staying in that observer role, we soon discover we have countless choices in every given moment in which we can engage or disengage … stepping us into chaos or peace… embed ourselves in dramas or passively sitting by the well and recuperating. We become aware of those things and in that awareness chose perhaps a new way through. There are countless ways in which we may benefit from Mediation, but this I know, you certainly DO benefit from it!
In the stillness, the silence, the expansive openness that comes when we master the quietened mind, we find deep satisfying peace, along with a sense of belonging to all that is… and that can be liberating, as a busy mind often feels separate and alone, stressed and fatigued, contracted and tight … doing doing doing …. Whereas once we practice the art of mediation, we begin to unravel the years of doing and sit more and more deeply into just BEING. Now doesn’t that sound nice … just being!
And if no one has told you lately, I believe in you!
Namaste, Frances