Toby Graduates – Brian Retires

Big Changes For The Guys @ The Hardware …  

Two of the well-known members of the Tamborine Village Hardware and Produce team are making big life changes:

Born in Tamborine, Toby Williams has been working at the hardware since 2015 when he started in Year 10 at Tamborine Mountain College. After studying for 5 years at the University of Southern Queensland, Toby graduated with a Bachelor of Secondary Education and has been posted to Marsden State High School, reported to be the country’s largest school with around 2500 students enrolled! 

Toby is looking forward to commencing in 2023, but in the meantime, hailing from a 3rd generation family of horse trainers with both parents and grandfathers training and driving, Toby will continue to follow in their footsteps as a licensed harness racing trainer, successfully training a horse with four wins in the last two months to his credit! 

Working at the hardware since 2014, Brian Ludwig celebrates his 70th birthday in January, and while still being on call has decided to move towards retirement joking that his wife Irene “won’t let him work a day past 70”! Together they have two daughters, Sacha and Melissa, and four grandchildren. 

Born in Beaudesert, his family originally owned a dairy farm near Beaudesert from 1920 until 1965 when part was sold and the remainder sold in approximately 2002. Brian first worked at Elders in Beaudesert, then Acacia Ridge, and Ormiston, before joining the village hardware where he says he spent “eight years in the ‘old shed’” before the business moved to its current position. Brian’s passion is music, and he spent six years learning to play piano at school before changing to guitar. He played his first gig in 1969 in band ‘Undecided’, then with ‘Carmen French’ for a few gigs, before forming and joining ‘Indigo Dusk’ band with 5 members to play lead guitar.   

Brian Ludwig and Toby Williams
Brian Ludwig and Toby Williams

Wishing you both the very best in all that you do!