Doreen Walks The Red Carpet!

Local Author Doreen Debuts In Film: ‘Ageless’

Local Resident and Author Doreen Wendt-Weir (also our columnist – ‘Doreen’s Day’) recently took part in a film by Kiosk Film at The Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF). The film ‘Ageless’, directed by Hailey Bartholomew and produced by Tilly Towler and Sara Taghaode takes a look into the lives of three women beyond the age of 50 focusing on their biggest fears around ageing today and how they must redefine themselves after an event changes the course of their lives. Doreen gaves us a glimpse of what it is like to ‘walk the red carpet’ at a very special film premiere: 

“It was a great night! Daughters Caroline and Katy accompanied me. Son Chris was looking forward to going also, but tested positive for Covid three days before! On arrival, I was requested to walk the red carpet where photographs were taken by many onlookers as well as the official photographers. 

The Powerhouse Theatre was packed with enthusiastic guests. Our film ‘Ageless’ was second of the six shown. I was first to be interviewed of the three old ladies featured in the film. I was by far the oldest at 94, and I got the laughs as usual! My daughters gave my performance the thumbs up! Our film received a good reception indeed.

After the showing, there was a Q and A about the production of all films that was quite interesting. As I made my way out of the theatre, there were lots of comments as I wended my way, all congratulatory like ‘Fantastic Doreen!’ ‘Good on yer Girlie!’ and even ‘ I reckon you could get another husband out of this Doreen!’ All good cheer and lots of fun.” 

Doreen, You Go Girl!